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The Patna Branch of Central Indian Chartered Accountants Students Association (CICASA) provides a platform for all the students enrolled under this professional course to develop themselves as multifaceted professionals. With rolling times, a student needs to succeed in the various arenas and cannot be confined to his books only. We, at Patna CICASA, provide the much-required exposure to co-curricular activities and building personalities, and inculcating skills apart from academic and professional excellence.  Patna CICASA has been guided by eminent Chartered Accountants from the year 2007 and under their chairmanship has hosted various seminars, conferences, conclaves, lectures, debates, quiz contests, elocution contests, and fests etc. All these events make the students sociable and connect them professionally and personally.

Students are given the opportunities to meet and listen to their inspirations, the market leaders, and the trend setters through CICASA, which in turn motivates and rejuvenates them. Patna CICASA takes special care that all its activities are object and result oriented which are reflected when the students qualify as a professional. Hence the trend of students qualifying as Chartered Accountants getting placed in multinational companies is on an increase. It also provides infrastructural facilities like reading rooms and libraries for students.

Patna CICASA is working towards making student awake and aware so that they can shape their desires with intent of purity.

Message from Chairman CICASA-Patna

From falsehood lead me to truth,

From darkness lead me to the light,

From death lead me to immortality.

This is an ancient Indian mantra introduced in the Brhadaranyaka Upanisad for sacrifice which truly relevant in our fight against Covid-19 to save the earth from epidemic. We are making Sacrifice by keeping our self within home boundaries in lockdown periods for better future.

Dear Students.

It is a great privilege and an honour to serve as the Chairperson of Patna Branch of CICASA. I believe that core of success for you include certain underlying principles that ensure its continuing pole position which are -

Ensuring and unshakable Commitment:  To foster a diverse and inclusive community of learners, driven by values an energized by the meritocracy that marks our Institute.

Our effort is focused on helping students for the complex world they will face when they become member of ICAI. It is the complex world where our future member will have to take position, express opinion, shape it and lead to make a better place, building a responsible and powerful community of India and abroad.    

I believe in the words of our beloved past president Late APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes-

We all born with a divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with glow of it goodness.

You cannot change your future but you can change your habits and surly your habits will change your future.

I give thanks to Vice-Chairperson CICASA Patna - Miss Kinshuk Jammuar, Gulshan Kumar and all team members of CICASA Patna Branch for their efforts to publish E-News letter.

CA Sujeet
Chairman CICASA-Patna








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