AICITSS-Advanced Information Technology

The Course develop practical skills to understand the intricacies of auditing ERP environments, to understand the concept of Controls-Based Audit, understand the importance of IT
General Controls (ITGCs) and its impact on assessment of ERP controls, assessment of application controls and access rights. The Course provides training focused on application
software relevant for the work of a professional accountant including using Auditing in ERP Environment, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MS Excel as Audit Tool and advanced
features of Electronic Spreadsheet, DBMS etc. 

The highlights of the Course on Advanced Information Technology (AICITSS) are as follows:-

  • The classes are scheduled for minimum 6 hour per day in 15 working days.
  • A student is required to have minimum 90% attendance to successfully complete the Course on Advanced Information Technology (AICITSS).
  • The fee shall be Rs. 7500 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred only) per student on nonresidential basis, inclusive of course material and tea/refreshment.
  • The accredited ITT center issues certificate to students who attended 90% classes and successfully completed the Course on Advanced Information Technology (AICITSS)

Note: The final students would be tested on Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS) through online test paper/ OMR Test Paper and the
said test would be conducted by the Examination Department which they would be required to qualify with the requisite grades to be eligible to appear for Final Examination.
The said grades would be reflected in the mark sheet of Final Examination.

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