Chairman's Communique

My Dear Esteemed Members

We are not the Doers but we are to do. (The Bhagwad Geeta "Chapter 03, Text 27" )
It states that we are not the doers because we are not the only doers. We are small parts in a large inter-connected cosmos, wherein our actions comprise only one factor in a complex network of factors. This network that rests ultimately on divine will determine whether the result comes or not.

At this juncture, I am thankful to the all the existing members of Patna Branch, the new members recently added to the Patna Branch List, Members from the rest of Bihar, Past office bearers of the Patna Branch, our seniors, torch bearers and whistleblowers for nurturing, guiding and shaping our professional and social fabrics for entire fraternity.

The responsibility of a Chairman is like a relay race in which athletes run a pre-set distance carrying a baton before passing it onto the next runner. The expectation and responsibility for our esteemed profession is increasing day by day and thereby a challenge to preserve the legacy of our profession, which we have inherited from our predecessors. I believe that functioning of a Branch needs support and guidance of the entire fraternity to achieve the maximum out of our cumulative efforts, subject to inherent limitations of the powers attributed at Branch level. In order to match the expectation of a common member, we have a vision to make our functioning inclusive and transparent to attract the contribution of our esteemed members from varying domains having vast experience, knowledge and vision for the fraternity.

I firmly believe that serving our CA profession is just like serving our parents. As our parents give us the life, this profession has also given us a new life. And according to me there is no better worship than to continuously work for the one who or which has given us such a beautiful existence and identity in our life.


Major Objectives to be initiated During Next Seven Months (Upto February 2020)

1. Patna Branch Building: - We have decided to target this initiative as our topmost priority as an own building extends many convenience and cost reduction for all our activities on regular basis and also because it’s a long pending requirement for our Patna Branch. We will try our best and will also seek the contribution of members at large, to carry and resolve the process of building related issues ahead from the erstwhile stage to its accomplishment. As of now, the clearances of building proposal with government departments are pending, which we will try to resolve at the earliest. We are also committed and determined to get timely confirmation from Infrastructure Development Committee for compliances and completion of Branch Building (ICAI Bhawan).

2. Reduction of Cost of Seminars for ACA Members.

3. Seminars / Workshops on Upcoming Professional opportunities: - We are planning various initiatives for upcoming professional opportunities which are of greater relevance to spread our wings E.g. Major transformational reforms and new acts/ regulations such as GST, Ind-AS implementation, Companies Act, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Valuation, RERA, Benami Transaction Act Etc. For updation of members for these topics and the related amendments, many initiatives will be taken at the branch level i.e. Relevant seminars and certification courses will be regularly organised at the branch for the benefit of the members. Apart from Seminars and Workshops, we are also planning to organize meetings on such subjects chaired by quality speakers. Members are requested to participate, contribute and get benefitted with these initiatives and to update their knowledge and also to suggest topics /subject of interest to enable and encourage the branch for organizing such activities in future.

4. Faculty Selection Drive: - We have received many suggestions from our members and also interest shown to teach by various young as well as experienced members seems to be encouraging. We have a real challenge in identifying new faculty to strengthen the coaching classes for CA Students as well as for various professional topics for our members. We encourage Members to take up teaching as a profession and passion. Teaching is the one where we get a real happiness and feel fulfilling life.


Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

CA Amit Bhattacharya
Chairman (2019-20)

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